Facebook Ads

Reach out to people who are directly interested in your products/services or in things which are related to your products/services.

Darshan Patel Facebook Ads Expert

Reach out to more people with minimal cost

Social Media can be the best option to reach out to new customers or create new customers based on their interests. No matter what your marketing goal is brand awareness, sales or website traffic. Social Ads can be very effective and affordable.

Even if you don’t have a website you can still use Facebook Page as a website and generate leads for your business. Contact me start advertising on Facebook and grow your business.

How Do I work?

My Facebook Ads Process

What is my process of Facebook Ads? We start with a kick off call to understand your goals and budget. Then the other 5 steps where we start with the execution and optimization of the campaign to get the best out of what we are spending.

Understand Goals

Competitor Analysis

Account Setup

Ad Copy Creation

Launch & Learn

Growth Optimization

Why work with me?

Proven Strategies

A/B Testing

Daily Reporting

Flexible Pricing

What I offer in my Google Ads service?

Lead Ads

If your goal is to increase sales then you are likely to go with Lead Ads which is very effective in getting leads and affordable.

Conversion Ads

Do you want to sale from your website or landing page? Conversion Ads is the solution you are looking for.

Brand Awareness

Want to spread the word about your product/service? Brand Awareness will help you to reach new interested people.

Do you want to reach out to more interested people?

I have helped more than 50+ Small Businesses and Big Businesses alike. If you want me to help you grow your business. Remember, I am just a click away.