How to Write an Effective Headline in 5min

Writing the best headline is not easy and writing the perfect one that gives you more clicks or sales or conversions or any other type of the desired action is not at all easy task. 

Have you ever wondered how to write the best headlines? If yes then you must have come across this very very popular saying…


write more headlines

And this is the right thing to do.

But, do you know how much time consuming following this advice can be?

A lot. Try it once. Try to create a headline with this WRITE MORE advice and see how much time it takes.

Almost everyone will tell you to write more headline and then finalize one. Trying, again and again, will give you success in writing your best headline. But, that’s not always the case with the content writer or copywriter. (if you are one)

Even if you are not, the method I have here will still help you to write the perfect headline in a very short time. 

Let’s see How?

After creating and writing headlines for lots of Ads and other types of content and reading lots of material I have found 9 key factors which make the headline the perfect headline.

If you learn and remember these factors you will find that you are creating good headlines in a very short amount of time.

1) Keep It Simple

The first secret to write an amazing headline is to keep it simple. 

If have a PhD in English and can write in a language that even philosophers have to think about it before they can clearly understand then you should forget that you have a PhD.


The people or should I say customers you want to target are not PhD holders

If they don’t understand what you want to explain in one glance then they will just move on thinking this is probably not for me.

If the headline you have written is simple, easy to understand. Then you have cleared the first step.

2) Targeted to Your Audience

The second thing you need to keep in mind is your headline should be targeted to a specific group. 

No matter what you are writing. There must be a target audience for that piece of content or Ad. 

If you are writing a headline for an Ad. Then you have already cleared the work to find out about your target audience.

Suppose, you are writing a headline for an Ad which is targeted to Social Media Marketers. But, The headline you wrote does not include anything related to them. Then it’s not gonna work.

You have to write something that relates to the people you are targeting.

Make sure the Headline you are writing is properly targeted to your audience or a specific group.

3) Make It Bold and Over Promising

We all know that bold, over-promising and clickbait kind of headlines gets the highest CTR. 

If you can add some bold or over-promising element into your headline then you can nail it.

You will see really high CTR on that type of headline. Let’s see some examples.

Start Your Social Media Agency and earn more than 10 lakh.

Get 100+ clients for your agency.

Increase your sale by 110% in just a week.

See, how enticing these headlines are. This type of headlines is a sure way to get high CTR. 

4) Add Numbers/facts

The next thing you can add is the most common element. Use Number or some Data Facts.

Here you need to use number. What I mean by number is you can’t and should not use words instead of a number.

3 Steps to create the best SEO strategy

Three Steps to create the best SEO strategy.

Which one is better? The one with the number. Right?

That is what I wanted you to understand in this step. Use Number not the words though.

5) Ask it – Ask a Question

This is the best thing if your product/service or content answers any particular question of your target audience.

Don’t look for anything else. Just use that question as your headline and it will work magic for you.

For example, you are a gym owner and want to help people understand that going to the gym is safe in this pandemic and you follow all the guidelines. 

Is it safe to go to the Gym?

You can use this Headline for that particular purpose. Where you are answering the question your users might have.

Another example is…

Want to know how to generate 5 figure income from blogging?

Using questions is a sure way to get clicks. Cause your audience are already eager to know the answer.

6) Make it Urgent

Have you heard about Fear of Missing Out(FOMO)

That is something that can really lead you to worthless purchase. Have you ever fall to that marketing trick?

That Ad with Headline: SALE…SALE…SALE…End of the Season Sale ending in 1 day.

You see this and end up purchasing lots of things and then after two days you still see the same Ad. SALE…SALE…SALE…End of the Season Sale ending in 1 day.

This is the power of FOMO. This can really increase your CTR even your sales too if used properly.

You must have got the point I am trying to explain here. You must include a factor of urgency and create a situation where people think that they will miss something if they don’t do it NOW.

See the below example to understand more…

Normal: Learn how to start blogging.

With Urgency: Learn how to start blogging NOW.

7) Curiosity/Mystery

Who don’t like mysteries?

We all love mysteries. We even spend money to watch the full movie after watching the trailer to just see what happens next and what is the story of the movie.

If you can create this curiosity or mystery with your headline then you have mastered the art of creating amazing headlines.


You won’t believe how easy it is to start blogging.

Never do these things on your social media.

What not to do to get more clients.

8) To the point

At first, it might look totally opposite of the above point. Like if you are creating mystery then you can’t write to the point headline.

But, that is not the case.  

Let’s take one of the examples from above. 

You won’t believe how easy it is to start blogging.

Here we are creating the curiosity with You won’t believe. But, this headline is very to the point too.

We are specifically targeting those people who want to start blogging. It’s to the point. We are telling them that it’s very easy to start in fact.

If you see popular magazines you will understand that all of those short headlines on the cover page are to the point.

So, always stick to the point. Don’t try to complicate the things keep them simple and to the point. 

9) Pain point

Using a pain point of your target audience is the sure way to get high CTR. 

If you can find out about the problems your audience is facing and you or your product can help them then just use that as your headline.

Include the pain point. Cause there they are already actively looking for the solutions and if you can attract their attention then you are on the way to success.

Some of the examples are…

Save time by letting us handle your social media.

Don’t want to go out? Order Your Grocery from us online.

Bonus Tip:

Writing for SEO?

If you are writing a headline for your blog post then you should consider adding the keyword in your headline.

Adding a keyword in your headline can give a boost to your SEO. So, Don’t forget to add a keyword in it. 


After writing lots of blog headlines and Ad Copies I have found that there some basic and common factors you need to have in your headline to make it the best one and increase CTR. These the 9 things we discussed above. 

If you can remember these 9 things you can easily write a great headline in just a short span of time.

if you think you can’t remember all of them I have created one Time Saving Headline Checklist just for you. 


How do you write your headlines? Let me know in the comments below.

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