How to write PPC ad copy that converts

How to Write PPC Ad Copy that Converts

PPC ads are an excellent way to get your company in front of potential customers.

Just putting in front of potential customers is not enough, though. Cause your goal is not about how many people see it.

You want them to buy from you. For that, you want your potential customers to click on your Ads, not just see it.

If you want people to click on your Ad, you need to write a fantastic Ad Copy that entices users to click on it. (I am not talking about click baits, guys)

But how do you write the best PPC ad copy?

This is article will give all the information, tips & tricks to create PPC Ads that convert. So you can spend more time focusing on getting leads and less time worrying about writing catchy headlines.

Introduction: What is PPC Ads? (Google Ads)

Since the emergence of the internet and the exponential growth of social media, businesses have been looking for new ways to find potential customers.

With more and more customers turning to online channels for their information, branding, and product or service purchases, search engine marketing has become a key component in all marketing strategies.

PPC Ads, or Pay-Per-Click, is a part of search engine marketing that gives businesses a chance to display their ads on the search results page.

We will be discussing the Text PPC ads(or search ads for some) that show when you search for something on google. (or another search engine) These ads may connect to a specific product or service. Such as a pair of boots or booking an appointment with the dentist.

The key is to make the users seeing ads click the ad and visit the website or landing page to complete any particular action.

For that, the Text of your Ad should be something that compels users to click on it.

To write a compelling ad, we need to understand the Elements of the Ad First.

The hardest part of PPC advertising is creating the ads themselves.

Elements of PPC Ad:

How to write PPC ad copy that converts- PPC Ad Elements
Elements of PPC Ad

As you can see, there are a total of three main elements in any text ad. 

1. Headline

Headlines take the majority space of your ad. You can add a total of 3 headlines with a character limit of 30.

Headlines are highlighted with blue color and show with bigger fonts compared to other things in the ad. So, you get a total of 90 characters to get your audience’s attention with the big and highlighted headline in your ad.

2. Description

Descriptions are what it means, Description. Here you can describe about you/your service/your business/benefits of doing business with you.

You can add 2 descriptions within the character limit of 30 for each Description.

So, you get a total of 60 characters to describe…

Why should they click on your ad?

3. Display URL

You may think, what’s the use of this?

But, it’s very important. How? Most of the time, we add some tracking parameters in our original URL to track how many people came from a particular Campaign, Ad Group or Ad.

Now, if your target users see your tracking parameters, what kind of impression would your ads make on your audience?

Bad, Right?

That’s why you need to add a clean and understandable URL instead of a long and messy URL.

There is one more critical element called Extensions. With extensions, you can add more text/links and other things to increase the probability of clicks.

The only thing that is not good is your ad extensions won’t be visible all the time. Sometimes your ads are shown without any extensions.

Still, Ad extensions are part of creating the perfect PPC Ad. Worry not; we will look into it later in this article.

To create the best ad, I have developed a 5 step process before making or writing any ad copy for my clients.

The goal of the ad is to convince the viewer to click on your ad.

5 Step Process to Create the Best Ad Copy:

Step 1: Competitive Research

If you have no idea what to write in your ad, this must be your first step. 

After all, there is nothing wrong with copying what is working for someone if it saves your time and money. 

All you need to do is just search for the service or product you want to advertise, and you will see many ads from other businesses. 

You might find new competitors. Cause you can find many businesses with zero online presence, running ads and providing discounts, offers, free appointments, and other things. 

Once you know what your competitors are doing, you can then craft your ads that are better than your competitors.

Completely copying the ad won’t give you any advantage. You need to improve it or take the inspiration and create an entirely new ad copy. 

Step 2: Define Your USPs

If you don’t know what your USPs are, then you can’t go any further. 

We need to improve the ad copy. To do that, you need to know what differentiates you from your competitors. If you don’t know what your USPs are, then stop and define them first. 

The best method is to ask the client about it. Business owners know what is unique in their business. Rather than doing long research, you can find all the main USPs just by asking.  

If you are the business owner, then there are no issues at all. You can just take your time and come up with some USPs to add to the ad. 

Your headline space is too short, so if you can’t add USP in the headline, that’s completely fine. You can add this in the description.

To make your Ad Stand out you need to find your USPs.

Step 3: Write Clear Cut CTA

People don’t have much time to even look at your ads. Do you think they will wait to figure out what to do next after seeing your ad?

No, Right?

That’s why it’s crucial to let your users know what to do next to solve whatever problem they are having. 

It can be as simple as Book Your Appointment Now, Order Now!, Buy Now, Get a Free Quote, etc.

You can include this in the second description. That means we have covered all 3 elements of the text ad in this—headline, Description, and Display URL.

Step 4: Use Ad Extensions

Ad-Extensions-How to write PPC ad copy that converts
Some Popular Ad Extensions

This is the last step to creating your first killer PPC ad. There are many types of ad extensions. 

Ad extensions don’t cost extra. They are free. A click on Ad Extension is considered a click, just like a click on your main ad. 

All extensions are helpful, depending on your campaign and goals. You can add according to your needs. Some of the most used extensions are as below.

1) Callout Extension
2) Call Extension
3) Location Extension
4) Sitelink Extension

There are more extensions. But, most of the time, the above 4 are the most commonly used extension. 

Using Ad Extensions helps you to improve your CTR. It’s always better to get more text area than less in advertising, and extensions let you do that exactly. 

Step 5: Monitor and Keep improving.

If you think you can write an evergreen headline on the first try, then that’s probably your delusional.

Every ad copy gets old and needs to be improved regularly. Same with PPC ads. 

You need to monitor how your ad variants are performing. After some time, you can combine the most performing ad text and create a new one that can perform better than the previous two ads. 

Changing and improving your ads is part of Optimizing a PPC campaign. So, keep track of what is working and not. Don’t stress too much over the first ad copy. You can constantly improve it later. 

That’s my process to write any PPC ad copy. I can assure you that if you create an ad after following this process, it will be better than just writing anything that sounds cool.

To help you further and make your ad copy error-proof, I include 5 Pro tips for writing a perfect ad copy.

5 Pro Tips to writing a perfect ad copy:

A perfect ad copy should have a catchy headline to get people’s attention, a body paragraph to provide details on the product being sold and a very clear call to action. 

These 5 Tips will help you create that type of ad copy your users can’t resist clicking. 

1) Straightforward, Catchy, and Easy to Understand headline

A catchy headline can make or break your ad. Here are five pro tips for writing a perfect ad copy.

Headline takes most of the space compared to other elements of Ad. Creating an eye-catching headline is the key to your marketing campaign’s success. 

Be sure not to use any jargon that may be unfamiliar to your audience.

Winning Headline is the key to your PPC Campaign Success

2) It’s not about YOU

Many advertisers believe that writing a quality copy is as simple as telling their personal story. 

However, the truth is that the best ad copywriters know how to tap into emotional triggers to speak to potential customers on a deeper level. 

You might think it’s important to include your company’s name in the ad; the truth is that it doesn’t matter what your company is called. 

What does matter, however, is how you position the product or service for potential customers. 

Write to the audience’s needs and wants, not yours. 

Keep your copy short and focused on what will be most appealing to your target customer.

Keep the sentiment in mind: When writing a product’s ad, you want to convey an emotion or feeling about it so people will want to click through.

3) Focus on benefits, not Features

Sometimes less is more. When writing ad copy, it’s essential to focus on the benefits that will be delivered, not simply list out a long list of features.

To have a successful advertisement, it is important to remember that ads are about the customer, not the product. 

An ad copywriter should focus on the benefits of a product, not the features. 

When writing an ad, you want to sell the product, not just list its features. Sell your customer on what makes your product worth buying.

Features are for those who know about you. Benefits are for those who don't know you but have the problem you are trying to solve. 

4) Use Keywords (Headlines, Description, or Display URL)

A good ad is not enough to succeed in the competitive online environment. 

It needs to be written so that it can be easy for the customer to find and understand what is being offered. 

As important as it is for customers to understand your Ad, it’s also essential for search engines to understand your ad.

Keywords are one of the most important things to achieve that goal. Using keywords helps you show your ads for top keywords even if your website doesn’t include them. 

You can use keywords in Headline, Description, or just the Display URL. Using keywords in ads increases the relevancy of your ad with that keyword. 

5) Test, Test, and Test

Testing is critical when it comes to writing a perfect ad copy. When you’re not testing, then you’re just guessing. 

When writing a new ad, it can be challenging to know what will catch your audience’s attention. To make sure you’re creating a winning ad, you need to keep experimenting with different texts:

You need to test different headlines and copy until you find something that speaks to your target audience.

There’s no such thing as a perfect ad for anyone, but you can find what works for you best by testing different ads. 

If you want to improve your CTR further and reduce your cost per click, you need to optimize your Ads Quality Score.


In conclusion, the best way to write persuasive ad copy for Google Ads or Bing Ads is to make sure that the marketing message is clear and concise. 

To do this, marketers should consider asking themselves the following questions:

  • What is our goal?
  • Who are we targeting?
  • What do we want them to do?
  • How will the user find us?
  • What are our keywords?

It’s important to know your audience and your industry so you can find the best words in which to describe your product. Let me know in the comments how you write your ad copy. 

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