How To Get Your First Digital Marketing Job?

How To Get Your First Digital Marketing Job?

Digital Marketing is in trend right now. Cause it is very easy to learn nowadays. You may have completed a course from some institute or maybe an online course. Generally what people expect is that after this course they will be like Digital Marketing Expert and some Digital Marketing Specialist. But, that’s not true. Right?

If you have ever gone for an interview after doing any course you will know that just doing a course is not going to help you get a job. Generally, you can get an internship at most. That is if you know about Digital Marketing more than your course materials. But, it’s not impossible to get a direct job.

Fear not – Above situation is something which you may face if you don’t do what I am going to tell you. So, get ready to know what you have to do to get your first job after the course.

Let’s start with why this happens.

We all know that doing a course is not all the thing you need to get a job. Cause in course you will only learn about some basic stuff and when I say “learn” that means you will only know how things work in Digital Marketing. But, you won’t have any experience in doing those things.

You may have learned about SEO. But, you haven’t done any actual SEO work for any website. You may have learned about email marketing but you haven’t sent any email to anyone. This is the thing which restricts you from getting your job. You don’t have any hands-on experience for any of the things you learned in your course.

Now we know the Why part of our problem.

You may ask “But, What can I do?”

Here’s the thing you have to do. But, let me warn you first. These things are not easy to do.

1) Decide which field you want to go with.

The first thing you have to do before starting a journey is you have to decide where you want to go. Right? So, you have to decide what you want to do in digital marketing before doing any other things.

Most of the courses cover all the things in digital marketing. Such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and all. But, when you want to do a job you have to pick one from these things. It’s a good thing to learn about all of them. But, if you are finding a job in a good agency you have to pick one.

Decide what you like the most and you will like to work and learn more about it. Take that particular topic.

Now, you may think that I want to learn about everything. There’s nothing wrong in it. But, here we are talking about getting the first job just after your course and typically a course duration is not more than 4 months. You won’t be able to get experience in all of the things. So, it’s better to take things slow.

2) Get Some Experience

Now, this is the part where you would be spending more time and doing more hard work.

After picking one thing from Digital Marketing you have to get some experience in that particular part. Suppose you want to go with SEO. You need to get experience in SEO. Basically, you have to do the actual SEO work for someone.

Now you may have this question in mind that “how can I find a client?”

The simple approach to this is “Free work”. First thing is to ask the businesses around your location and do SEO for them for FREE or Second thing if you have someone in the family who have a business website then it is simple. Just tell them that you want to help them in business with this SEO for their website so they can get more customers.

That’s it. You have your first ever client for Digital Marketing. I have done the first thing asking business around my location and if you think it won’t work then you are wrong I convinced them in my first try. 🙂

Now, after you got permission. Start doing work for them while doing your course apply all the things you learn from course.

If you don’t want to ask people you can get your website/blog and do SEO for that. But, that won’t be related to any actual business. Which is less credible than doing SEO for an actual business

Create your Blog for FREE with Blogger.

This is not just for SEO you can try it for anything you want to get experience in.

You have to do a little more work with this which is the next step. And don’t think it is not important just cause it’s little.

3) Make a Case Study

No matter what you are doing for them in SEO, SEM, SMM or whatever. You have to write down all the things you are doing for your first client and make a case study on how your work helped that particular business to get more customers or reach.

A case study is very very important. When you go for an interview show them your case study. Don’t just tell them that you have done this and that instead show them what you have done. Case studies show, they don’t tell and that’s what people like.

When you show them a case study then you are more likely confirmed for that job.

Even if you don’t want to do the job and want to become a freelancer you must have this case study ready. If you show the prospect this case study you have 70% more chances of getting that deal.

Don’t know how to make a case study?

Your case study should include these 7 parts.

1) Name (Headline)
2) Background (Abuot Business)
3) Objectives (What are the requirements?)
4) Solution (How the objectives were achieved?)
5) Results (How did it work?)
6) Testimonial (Is client happy?)
7) Call-to-action (CTA)

Still need help?? Here’s an Example of a case study. Read Now

Do these three things while you are doing your course and you will find it very easy to get your first job.

Hope this article helps you to improve your quality score and you can earn more by paying less. If you have suggestions please leave them in comments. And if you have questions feel free to contact me.

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