Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Facebook Ads is an excellent tool for businesses to promote their products and/or services. 

There are two different ways to utilize Facebook; one way is to create your own Facebook page. Facebook Page allows users to post updates, videos, events, etc., as a business. Generally know as Organic Social Media marketing.

Another way for business owners to utilize Facebook is through the use of Facebook ads.

There are many types of Ads offered by Facebook. Such as Image, Video, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection, Dynamic ads, Lead Ads, and many more. Check out Facebook’s guide on types of ads.

In this article, we will explore Facebook Lead Ads in depth. 

Lead ads are one of the most powerful tools in Facebook’s arsenal. This is because they offer a simple, yet effective, way to generate leads for your business.

Things we will discuss: 

1) Introduction to the Facebook lead ads
2) What is Facebook lead ads?
3) What makes them effective?
4) How do they work?
5) How to set up a Facebook lead ad: A tutorial on how to set up FB lead ads
6) How to set up CRM to get all your leads in Google Sheet and Email Notifications
7) Facebook Lead Ads Best Practices

Introduction to the Facebook lead ads

Facebook has released new advertising opportunities for marketers with Lead Ads in 2015

Lead Ads allow marketers to create lead generation ads for specific products and services. Marketers can use it to collect data or just do s survey.

These ads can target various demographics, making them an effective way to increase lead generation on Facebook.

Facebook has made it incredibly easy to generate leads through its Lead Ads program, allowing advertisers to reach a large audience with less effort. 

With this in mind, Facebook Lead Ads have quickly become a popular form of advertising for small and large businesses.

Let’s see what Facebook lead ads are and what makes them so effective to be so popular among digital marketers. 

What is Facebook lead ads?

I know you might be thinking ads are ads; why do I need to explain this?

Facebook Lead ads let users submit a form called Lead Form. You can ask some custom questions or use Facebook prefilled fields to collect data such as Name, Email, and Phone Number.

Let me show you how Facebook Lead Ads are different from typical digital ads. 

Generally, ads work like this…

  1. People see your ads. 
  2. Clicks on it. 
  3. Go to your website. 
  4. Fill the lead form or perform any particular action
  5. Finally, visit the thank you screen.

Now, in Facebook Lead Ads, this is a little different.

  1. People see your ads.
  2. Clicks on it.
  3. Fill the FB lead form.

That’s all. However, you can add one button at the end of the form if you want users to visit a website or call you directly. Don’t worry; we will look into it later in this article. 

The most significant difference is that it won’t redirect your users to any other page/landing page to submit the form. Your target users will be able to fill the form directly from the newsfeed. 

If you ask any Facebook Ads Expert about the best way to collect data, they will suggest Facebook Leads Ads most of the time.

It is the best way to collect the information from your prospect and at a cheap cost. 

What makes them effective?

Okay, I understand what Facebook Lead Ads are and how it’s different from other Facebook Ads types.

But, What makes it so effective that many Facebook Ads Experts are suggesting to use it?

We all know how many people are on Facebook, Right? Roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the 2nd quarter of 2021.

So, the first thing is you have a large user base thanks to Facebook, to whom you can show your ads. 

1) Easy Lead Capturing

The main thing is, it reduces the steps involved in capturing a lead. Due to this, it reduces the friction in conversion. 

Just go back to the steps we discussed previously and see how many steps are gone from the process.

Not just that, it saves time for your users compared to standard ads format. They have to visit the landing page and wait for it to load, fill in their information, and submit the form. Facebook Lead Ads just removed the need to go to other platforms or websites completely. 

2) Most Suitable for Mobile

If your target audience uses mobile most of the time, this is the best option to capture their data. 

We all know that most people access Facebook via mobile. (Unless you are like me a digital marketer)

That means you have a better chance to connect with your audience by showing your ads where your target audience is.

3) Detailed targeting options for better targeting

Facebook lets you optimize your lead ads to be shown to people who are most likely to convert or fill the form. 

There are many options you can choose and narrow down to create laser focus targeting. 

Detailed targeting helps you show your ads to only those who might be interested in what you are offering. You can target people based on their demographics, Behavior and Interest.

4) It’s cheaper than other ad types

If you have ever tried Facebook Lead Ads, then you don’t need to read about this. 

Those who have any previous experience with Lead Ads know how cheap this is. (you can ask anyone in the market)

That’s why this is the best option for small and big businesses alike. 

These are major things that make Facebook Lead Ads so effective. There could be more which I missed or couldn’t notice because of them being tiny. But, it won’t be lower than this.

After discussing these fantastic benefits, I don’t think I need to tell you why you need to add lead ads to your marketing campaign. Right?

How do they work?

Before you use anything, you should know how that thing works. So, you can utilize it well and get the most out of it. 

Facebook Leads Ads are the same. You first need to know how they work to set up your killer lead ads.

The main difference between leads ads and standard ads is, as we have discussed before, that standard ads redirect to a landing page or some other thing. 

But, when you click on the lead ads, one pop-up will open containing the form you create while creating the campaign. 

Users fill the form and submit the form. If you have not used any custom questions, users won’t need to fill anything cause Facebook provides prefilled fields. Such as Name, Email, and Phone Number. (many more too)

That’s All. Easy peasy. You can see it in action in the video.

Facebook Lead Ads In Action

How to set up a Facebook lead ad: A tutorial on how to set up FB lead ads

Setting up a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign is also the same as setting up any other type of campaign on Facebook. 

It will be easier for sure, not tricky than the other types of campaigns. 

Let’s get started then.

Step 1: Visit your “Ad Manager”. Select create a new campaign. Once you click on Create New, one pop-up will open. You need to select your ‘Campaign Objective’ as ‘Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Step 1
Ad Manager
Facebook Lead Ads Setup Step 2
New Campaign Objective Selection

Step 2: Once you have chosen your campaign goal. You will be redirected to the window of the campaign setting. You can write down the name of your campaign once you have added the name of your campaign—Click Next at the bottom right corner.

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Step 3
Lead Ad Campaign Settings

Step 3: Now you are in the window of Ad Set. The first thing is to set the name for your Ad set. As for the lead method, choose “Instant Form”. After that, select the Facebook Page you want to advertise. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD SET Step 4
Ad Set Settings

Step 4: After Selecting the Facebook page. Add the budget you want to spend daily. You can choose the end date and start date if you want. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD SET Step 5
Ad Set Budget Setting

Step 5: Now, this is the primary and crucial step of your ad campaign. You need to set up the targeting. You can choose all the things here, like the Location, Age and Gender of your target audience. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD SET Step 6
Ad Set – Audience Settings

There are two things here. Suppose you have a saved audience from your previous campaign. You can select and use it. 

If you have custom data of your target audience like Email or phone numbers, you can target them with Custom Audience

If you don’t have any, then you can create one yourself. 

The things you can target users based on are:

Location: You can select the location you want to target. (Even Pincode works)

Age: What age group your target audience falls into? Just select that you are good to go. 

Gender: You can change this or keep it as it is if you want to target both males and females. 

If you want to target a laser focus audience, you need to set the detailed targeting. 

Here you can select the users based on Demographics, interests and Behaviour. 

Once you are done with this, you are set on the right path to get more leads. 

Pro Tip: You should do proper research on your target audience to get the most out of it. 

Step 6: Next step is to select where you want to show your ads. The placement allows you to select where you want to show your ads. Such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD SET Step 7
Ad Set – Ad Placement Settings

There are two options available. One is Automatic Placements; Facebook will show your ads where it’s more likely to get leads. 

Another option is Manual Placements, where you can manually select each place where you want to show your ads. 

You can select various Facebook placements. Such as Facebook Feed, Stories, marketplace and many more. Same for Instagram, you can select placement such as Instagram Feed, Stories or Explore. 

You can select as per your need. 

Pro Tip: If you are not an expert, it's good to go with automatic placements. 

Step 7: After creating the campaign and setting up the proper targeting and budget. It’s time to start with setting up the Ad. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD Step 8
Setting up the Ad

As we know, the first thing is to set the name of Ad. 

The other thing you need to select is the Instagram account you want to use for this campaign. That’s for step 7. 

Step 8: This is the step where you select the ad format. What is your ad format? You get two options to choose from. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD Step 9
Ad Settings – Select Ad Type
  1. Single Image or Video  
  2. Carousel

After selecting your ad type, you need to add/upload your ad creative or video.

Facebook Lead Ads Setup AD Step 10
Adding Ad Text and Creative

You need to add the Primary Text, Headline and Description as per your need. 

Don’t forget to choose the CTA which suits your advertising goal. It is very important. Cause without a clear CTA, your people might see the ad and move on without knowing what to do. 

There are many options available like Book Now, Apply Now, Sign Up and more. 

Step 9: Congratulations if you are still with me. We have reached the final part of setting up lead ads.

That is creating the Lead Form

You need to click on the ‘Create New’ button to create a new lead form. Just click it, and a new pop-up window will open up. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Lead FORM Step 11
Creating the Lead Form

The Facebook Lead form is divided into a total of 5 parts. Let’s look into each one step by step. 

The first thing you will see and need to change is the name of your Lead Form to identify it later. 

1) Form Type

Form type offers two types of the form you can choose. One is  More Volume, and the other one is Higher Intent. You can select anyone based on your preferences. 

2) Intro

This part is optional. But, it’s better to customize it according to your marketing goal. 

3) Questions

This part is important as you need to set up the questions you want to ask your prospects or the information you want to collect. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Lead FORM Step 12
Adding Questions to the Lead Form

There are two types of questions. The first is Facebook Prefill Questions, and the other one is Custom Questions

As the name suggests, Prefill Questions are prefilled from the user’s Facebook profile. In contrast, custom questions need to be filled by the user submitting the form.

You can set questions according to your needs. 

Pro Tip: It's better to set fewer questions for better conversions. 

4) Privacy

In this part, you need to provide the link to your privacy policy. You can also add any custom disclaimer if you want to. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Lead FORM Step 13
Adding Privacy Policy Link and Disclaimer

5) Completion

Completion is the last part of your lead form. 

It is a kind of thank you page. You can show any custom message to your users after submitting the form. Like, Thank You. Your response is recorded. Someone from our team will contact you soon. Or something else. 

Facebook Lead Ads Setup Lead FORM Step 14
Lead Form Completion

There is also an option to add a button. Like if you want your prospects to visit your website, you can put a link there. 

You can get more done with this simple button if you utilize it well. 

That’s all. You are ready to publish the lead form and start advertising. 

Pro Tip: It's good to review all the things before publishing the form. Cause once published, you can't edit it. You can duplicate it, but you have to create a new form nonetheless.

After Creating the Lead Form, you just need to hit the Publish button to start your lead ads campaign. 

After sitting down and creating the first Facebook Lead Ads, we should feel accomplished. 

It was a long process, but we could finally see our finished product.

Best practices for Facebook Lead Ads:

There are a number of best practices for optimizing Facebook Lead Ads to get more leads at a low cost. 

Facebook’s goal is to make sure that each ad on its platform is as effective as possible, and this requires different types of optimization. 

Below are some helpful hints for maximizing the effectiveness of your ads. 

Target the Right Audience

Marketers agree targeting is one of the most important aspects of any advertising campaign. Lead ads on Facebook are no different. 

Lead ads are specifically designed to generate results for marketers interested in obtaining contact information for their desired customers. 

The Facebook lead ad can be targeted to reach people who match specific demographics or even more specific criteria such as job title, company size, etc.

Facebook Lead Ads can be a great way to get more leads, but they should be used strategically. 

Create an attractive copy for your ad

When targeting potential leads, it is important to develop a compelling ad that attracts attention. 

An engaging headline, catchy copy, and high-quality images all play a key role in generating leads through Facebook Lead Ads. 

The key to success with these ads is to create an attractive copy for your ad. Write a compelling ad and use emojis and emoticons to make it stand out.

Use fewer fields in your form

Facebook lead ads are effective, but many marketers are not getting the best results because they overcomplicate their forms. 

Studies have shown that marketers can increase conversions by decreasing the number of fields in a Facebook lead ad form. 

By focusing on creating one form for all customers, you ensure that no customers are being turned off by too many fields to fill out.

Create a crystal clear offer

There are many factors that lead people to make decisions when they are thinking about purchasing a product or service.

One key factor is the quality of the offer. When it comes to Lead Ads on Facebook, this is one area you cannot afford to overlook.

Consumers love to feel like they’re getting a deal. It’s important to keep in mind what type of offer you’re creating. 

 If you want the best chance to generate quality leads, you’ll need to create a clear and concise offer that will resonate with your target audience.

Testing is the only solution

It’s important to test your Facebook Lead Ads strategies to maximize your profits.

You should test different types of ads, targeting, and ad placement so you can find the best strategy for your business.

Test different headlines, images, copy, and ad formats to see what works best for your company.

It’s also important to be patient when deciding on what’s working and not because tests can take weeks or even months.

Conclusion: why should you start using Facebook Lead Ads today

At this point in the game, Facebook Lead Ads are the easiest, most cost-effective way to generate business leads. 

You can set them up in minutes and start generating qualified leads with targeted audiences in no time. 

The power of Facebook’s targeting algorithms makes it easy to reach people who are looking for your product or service.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. The customer’s lives online, so why not advertise on one of their favourite websites? 

What’s stopping you from starting using Facebook Lead Ads? Let me know in the comments.

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