Best FREE Elementor WordPress Themes 2022

For anyone looking to build a website with WordPress, choosing the perfect theme can be a difficult decision. 

Even when you are looking for Elementor themes, the number of themes to choose from doesn’t cut down too much.

There are still many themes available to choose from. But, it can be really time-consuming to decide which is the best theme for you.

That’s why I am writing this article to help you and save time. (time is money, after all)

I have shortlisted the Top 10 FREE Elementor Themes that you can use for free without paying anything.

What is Elementor?

For those of you who don’t know what is Elementor.

Elementor is a drag and drop page builder for WordPress that has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years.

It has quickly become one of the most popular page builders on the internet because it offers some really high-quality features like an intuitive visual interface, flexibility to create complex layouts with ease, and updates on a regular basis.

You can create a beautiful, responsive site in minutes/hours with Elementor and take advantage of the simple and powerful design tools. The plugin includes options for adding stunning text blocks, video integration, and more!

Theme selection: What are the criteria for deciding which theme is the best?

But before you read anything else, I want you to do a simple activity.

All you have to do is take pen and paper or just open your notepad and think about all the features and functions you need on your website.

All theme comes with different features and functions.

It is important to know what features and functionalities you want in your site before you start searching for themes. The most common factors someone will consider when selecting a theme are:

1) Theme Functions
2) Responsive
3) Customization Options
4) Design Flexibility
5) For an online store or just a business website

There may be more factors to consider before choosing a WordPress theme, depending on your need. So take the time to check your design and functionality requirements.

Themes: A list of free WordPress themes that may be appropriate for you.

There are many themes out there, and they all seem to be good in their own way. But, Which is the best theme?

I have divided these 10 themes into two sections to make it easy for you to choose the best option for your website.

Recommended by Elementor

What do I mean by Recommended by Elementor? 

If you have searched for free Elementor themes, you might have seen this page where they have listed down some themes which are most compatible with Elementor and are popular.

But, that’s all. Just choosing a popular theme is not the best way to select the theme. 

You need to know your requirements and which theme fulfils all the needs you have. (mainly functions)

Here I have chosen some of those themes which are best as per my experience and recommendations by other developers.

We will look into all the pros and cons of each theme. So, you can decide the best theme for you.

Let’s start with the theme which is becoming popular lately, and Elementor developed it.

1) Hello Theme (by Elementor)

Hello The Fast

Elementor is so powerful and feature pack that you don’t need a theme. Everything can be built by using Elementor only. 

But, in WordPress, you can’t do anything without a theme. So, it’s best to use a lightweight theme with minimum features. Cause Elementor will eventually overwrite it anyway. 

But, most of the themes come with some of their unique features, as we know. So, Elementor decided to build a theme that is completely blank and comes with only basic CSS.

In May 2019, Elementor launched the Hello theme. It’s a lightweight and minimal theme. There are no features at all. 

It provides a basic structure for Elementor to work in WordPress. That’s all. 

One thing for sure is, you will never have any compatibility issues with Hello theme and Elementor. Cause it’s built for Elementor only. 

Let’s look into its Pros & Cons:


  • It’s FREEEE…
  • It’s fast. 
  • Very lightweight requires only 6kb of memory resources.
  • Works Completely fine with Elementor(Tones of feature)
  • Only 2 requests to the server
  • Elementor Community Support


  • Practically there’s nothing in the theme, so no use without Elementor.
  • No demo or template, just theme. (you can always use Elementor Templates, though)
  • It won’t work without Elementor. So all being lightweight and fast claims are just words.

2) Astra Theme 

Astra – Fast

The next theme is Astra. If you have searched for some time before coming to my article, then you must have heard about Astra or at least read about it. 

This is a trendy theme currently having more than 1 Million active installations. 

If your main goal is customization, then Astra is the best option. This theme is all about customization. 

If we look into the main features of the theme, you will know why it’s so popular. 

You get many customization options in Astra. That is a must cause they are focusing on it so much. 

Even after making it so feature-rich and customizable, surprisingly enough, the performance is not at all affected. 

By the way, you get lots of ready-made templates that you can easily customize according to your business needs. 

Let’s look into some Pros and Cons so you can easily decide if it’s for you or not.


  • It’s really FAST. (Personal Recommendation)
  • Many Page builders compatibility 
  • Many ready-made demos one-click import
  • Inbuilt Header & Footer Builder
  • Regular Updates (very important)


  • Many features are not available for Free (Sticky header)
  • No Support in the Free version (Google is there, though)
  • It might be challenging to get used for beginners

3) Generatepress Theme


Yeah, this one is also a very popular theme out there. It has more than 400,000 active installs and the highest 5-star rating compared to others.

If you are finding a theme for your blog. Choose this. Yup! That’s all.

If you are active in any blogging community, you must have heard about Generatepress. So many bloggers use it and recommend it.

For a reason, though, not just for affiliate purposes. It’s also easy to use.

The other reason why it’s so popular is because of the speed. It’s really fast. Even without much effort, you can get a good loading speed.

Let’s look at its Pros & Cons:


  • Many Customization Options
  • Many Elementor Ready to import templates
  • Good Performance (Good for SEO)
  • Easy to use (setting it up won’t take much time)
  • Properly Documented (easy to find help too)


  • In the Free version, you don’t get any demos
  • Most of the customization features are available in the Pro version

4) Layers WP Theme

Layers for Eleme

LayersWP is not popular, and you might be hearing about it for the first time here. 

Many don’t know why this is on Elementor’s recommendation list. One apparent reason is Elementor purchased this and customized it for Elementor. 

Basically, Elementor owns it. We can say this is a second theme from Elementor other than Hello. But, not popular. 

But since Elementor owns it, you can use worry-free about any conflict with Elementor.

Let’s look at its Pros & Cons:


  • It’s FREE
  • Rebuilt by Elementor (no compatibility issues)
  • Good Page Speed
  • Easy Customization
  • Minimal (you can use it for basic sites)


  • It’s a very basic theme

5) Hestia Theme

Hestia 1 Free

Developed by Themeisle, Hestia is another good theme for Elementor. Cause Hestia provides deep integration with Elementor. 

Hestia was built for many page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder etc. But, that doesn’t mean it will have issues with Elementor. 

No, it works well with Elementor, and that’s why Elementor is recommending this theme on their website. 

It’s also a pretty basic theme with many customization options but not so many demos. 

Let’s look at its Pros & Cons:


  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Works well with Elementor 
  • Suitable for One Page Websites
  • Regular update (Fast bug fixing)


  • Not many demos
  • Not well documented
  • It might be hard to find solutions 

6) OceanWp Theme

OceanWP the On

OceanWp is one of the most popular themes. How?

OceanWP is a growing theme with more than 700,000 active installs and more than 4500+ 5 Star reviews on its WordPress repository page. 

You can use it for small and big sites without any issues. It provides some Elementor widgets too. That’s a fantastic option. 

You can say it’s the most customizable multipurpose theme out there. It’s also lightweight that means good load speed. 

There is a Free version you can use and some free extensions also. But if you want more customization options, you need to purchase the pro version, which costs 39$.

It can integrate with Woocommerce easily and provides some enhancing features for your store too. You can expect very minimum compatibility issues. 

We can’t move on without looking at its pros & cons, Right?


  • Lightweight and Clean coded, It’s Fast.
  • Loaded with lots of customization options
  • SEO Friendly theme
  • Good for Experienced developers
  • Integrates with Woocommerce seamlessly


  • Not so beginner-friendly 
  • The core theme is Free, but more options are only for the Pro version

7) Zakra Theme


Zakra is a modern, multipurpose, responsive, and trendy theme with many prebuilt Elementor demos. 

Not just that, even with having so many functions, the theme is really fast. If you have doubts about its performance, you can just ignore that doubt and go with the Zakra.

Zakra is also compatible with Woocommerce, so if you are looking for a theme that can be a long-term partner for your online store, you can use Zakra. 

Since it comes with many prebuilt templates, you can just install, import, and customize it with Elementor for your own business. 

Still, thinking? Let’s look at its pros & cons:


  • Amazing Speed 
  • Compatible with Woocommerce 
  • SEO optimized


  • Limited functions in the Free version

The themes we have looked into till now are those recommended by Elementor. You can choose anyone from these 7 themes that suit you the best. 

If you couldn’t find a theme that fits your requirements worry not; we still have 3 more themes left. 

Elementor does not directly recommend these themes, but many experts use them and recommend them. 

Recommended and Used by Many Designers

We all know that there are thousands of themes out there. The above seven themes can’t fit all the needs. 

That’s why experts find themes that provide more customization and make their life easy.

These themes might not be beginner-friendly, and some people might find them hard to work with. 

That doesn’t mean experts do not use the above seven themes actually; if you ask, many of them use a theme from the seven themes. 

But, since I also found some new and exciting themes increasing in popularity and many experts are recommending them, I am putting them on this list. 

Let’s look at the first theme on the list: 

8) Phlox Theme

Free Elementor W

If you are an Elementor guy, then the Phlox theme is for you. Why?

Phlox theme provides exclusive 30+ Elementor elements. You even get more than 170 ready-made demos that you can use for your website. 

This theme is best for making a news magazine, blog, business, travel, restaurant, or WooCommerce website.

Let’s look into its Pros & Cons:


  • It comes with many Elementor elements
  • New and amazing design
  • Well Documented
  • Regular Updates
  • Lots of demos to choose from
  • Good performance


  • It might be overwhelming for beginners

9) Kadence Theme

Kadence WP Fre

If you are part of any community or have searched for a theme, you must have come across this theme. It’s new and currently increasing in popularity. 

Currently, the Kadence theme has 90,000+ installs with 130+ 5 star views. Not many compared to the big players. 

But, since it’s new and theme developers are constantly trying to bring new features, experts recommend it due to this.  

If you ask me, it’s a good theme with many must-have features and is lightweight, which means it’s fast. 

Let’s look into its pros & cons:


  • Deep integration with Elementor
  • Multiple demos
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Seamless integration with LearDash and LifterLMS


  • Not many starter templates
  • Plans and some things are confusing for beginners

10) Neve Theme

Neve – Super F

The Neve theme is also developed by the same people who created Hestia, which we discussed before. 

If you want to create a one-page website, then this is the best theme to go with; it’s lightweight and fully responsive. 

Some of the notable things about Neve themes are: 

It’s a good theme built with Elementor page builder integration and SEO friendliness. It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly.

It comes with many ready to import demos that you can start using immediately. 

It’s pretty minimal and lightweight, which means you don’t have to worry about speed. 

Let’s look into its pros & cons:


  • Minimal and Fast
  • The core theme is free
  • 70+ Ready made demos
  • Highly Customizable
  • AMP Compatible


  • Not much of a support
  • Some standard customization options are available in the pro version only


It can be tough to find a suitable theme for your website. I had personally faced this issue when I was starting. 

But, I have made this simple step of knowing my requirements first before searching all over the internet, which made choosing a theme easier and less time-consuming. 

I still recommend that you go through your website needs before choosing a theme. The themes I have listed here are my first choice to go with when starting any website project. 

All of them are multipurpose themes so that you can modify them according to your needs without any issues. And since you will use Elementor, you don’t need to think so much cause Elementor will give you all the customization features you will ever need. 

If you need any help building your business website, contact me. I’d be happy to help you.

That’s all from my side. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite theme and which theme you recommend.

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