5 Tips to Improve Google Ads Quality Score 2021-Darshan Patel

5 Tips to Improve Google Ads Quality Score 2021

Hey, Marketers. We know that Quality Score is really important for our PPC campaigns. And in order to improve Google Ads quality score, there are a total of three factors Google uses to assign a score to our Ads from 1-10. We should aim for high. Right?

But, How to achieve a high score?

1) Understand The Quality Score

So, there are 3 factors which affect the quality score and by improving them you can increase the quality score.

PPC quality score 1
How Quality Score of PPC is calculated?

1) Ad Relevancy

2) User Experience

3) Click-Through Rate

Now, we know what we have to focus on to increase our quality score. Let’s start then.

1) Ad Relevancy

Ad Relevancy is the first thing to check when you want to increase your quality score. This thing you can check and control. You can check your Ad Relevancy in your campaign. 

 Don’t know how to check your Ad Relevance? Click Here

There you can see these values as Below Average, Average and Above Average. Now, if you have below average for some keywords which have high impressions and CTR. You have to change your Ad copy and write something good which also includes those keywords.

2) User Experience

This one is also important. If people don’t like it Google won’t like it either. So, you have to improve this thing. You can also check this in campaign data. same as Below Average, Average and Above Average. 

If you want to learn more about it click here

3) Click Through Rate(CTR)

As I said earlier that if people like your Ad Google also likes it too. And when Google like your Ad you pay less. That’s all. But, how Google will determine that people like your Ads? 

Yeah, you are right! it’s CTR. if your CTR is low your Quality Score can’t be high. If your CTR is high your Quality Score will be high and your CPC will be….obviously low. ๐Ÿ™‚

2) Group Your Keyword Perfectly

Now, This one is really really important. If you don’t do it correctly you won’t be able to match those factors I described in 1st step. 

You have to make small groups. 20 is good but if it’s small it’s cool too. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you find 20 relevant then it’s ok though. let me explain with an example.

Suppose you are creating ads for Mobile App Development Company. Then you should not make the same ad group for Android and IOS. Make them separate and write Ads that are totally dedicated to them. If you just make one ad group and ads for it. It will be very general. It’s highly possible that the person looking for particular Android or IOS Developers won’t click on it cause it’s too generic. 

3) Use Negative Keywords

Some marketer thinks that they have added only targeted keywords in the ad groups that their Ads won’t show up for unnecessary keywords. But, that’s not gonna happen. If your Ads is showing up for those Searches which is not related to what you do then your Impressions will increase and clicks will decrease ultimately decreasing your CTR. And you what happens when your CTR decrease. Right? Your quality score will decrease. and your CPC will increase. If you want to avoid this situation it’s better to put some work in finding all the negative keywords you can. Don’t try to be perfect though cause until you don’t run your ads you won’t be able to know what people are searching for in Google.

I have created a general Negative Keyword List. You can download it from here. Download List  

4) Make Dedicated Landing Page

You should create dedicated pages for your Ads. If someone clicks on Ad of your mobile app development and redirect to the home page of your website there are really high chances that it’s not gonna convert to a lead. Now, you may redirect the user to your service page. It’s ok but still doesn’t work like a charm. While we are running Ads we have to do A/B testing and we may want to change many things in our landing page to do the testing and if you have your main service page as landing page you can’t do all the changes as freely as possible.

Instead, you should create a separate landing page for your Ads before starting Ads. This will improve the User Experience factor in Google Ads. Which will help you improve Google Ads quality score?

5) Make Your Landing Page Faster

No one has time to wait until your page loads slowly. Whenever your page takes more time to load it’s a loss for you. You are not alone in the market after all there other people you are competing with. If your page won’t load then users are not gonna wait for your page to load they will just move on. And I know every marketer knows this point but still ignore and don’t work on load speed. If people are bouncing back because your page is not loading Google will consider it as low User Experience and your quality score will be very low.

You can check your lading page load speed with free tools. Just Google “page speed test” and you will get the sites to do so.

Hope this article helps you to improve Google Ads quality score and you can earn more by paying less. If you have suggestions please leave them in comments. And if you have questions feel free to contact me.

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