10 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools 2020

10 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools 2020

You are here reading this article that means you know the importance of tracking the targeted keywords ranking in SEO. No matter if you are doing SEO for your client or for your own website/blog your Google keyword ranking is a major factor in showing the results of your work. That’s why keyword ranking tools are very important for you.

You already know why it is important to check your Google keywords ranking. So, I won’t be wasting your time in all the why stuff. But, I want to make somethings clear.

First of all those of you who think that keyword rank tracking and keyword rank checking is same then you are wrong it’s not the same thing. Keyword rank tracking is a daily task. You check your keyword rankings daily and evaluate the work you are doping based on these daily rankings. While keyword rank checking is a one-time task. You do it weekly or you do it monthly. Either one is okay. Whatever you prefer tracking or checking this article will help you a lot. I prefer keyword rank tracking cause I like to check my site performance daily.

When you do keyword rank checking there are multiple ways to do it manually. I won’t go in details you can read it here if you want to.

Now, to check keyword ranking of targeted keyword daily is a very boring task. So, what we use is a tool so we don’t have to do it. There are lots of tools available out there. But, I have listed 10 best keyword rank tracking tools which are used by most of the SEOs. See, most of the tools are all in one type of tools which provides lots more than just keyword tracking. I don’t recommend you to buy any tool just because of keyword tracking cause all of them are perfect in itself with their advantages.

Let’s start then. I have compiled some of the best free online tools to help you in your keyword rank tracking or your rank checking.

10 Best Google Position Checker Tools 2020 Paid/FREE:

1) SEMrush

SEMrush is very popular among all SEOs for keyword research and keyword tracking. You have to create a project for a specific domain and you can track the performance. You can track the keyword ranking with The position tracking tool.



  • Pro (99.95/ month)
  • Guru ($199.95/month)
  • Business ($399.95/month)
  • Enterprise tailored to suit individual needs

If you pay annually you can save up to 16%. It also gives 7 Days FREE trial so you can see if it will work for you or not.

2) AccuRanker

AccuRanker is also a very popular tool for keyword rank tracking. The best thing about this tool is it’s really easy to use and have very user-friendly UI. So, if you don’t like to use complex tools this is really best to consider for your keyword rank tracking purpose.


You can check user reviews on Trustpilot. Which is really good. The other thing about this tool which is really cool is that you can actually track the local ranking for any country or city. It provides almost Instant On-Demand Updates which is also really good for SEOs.


It’s pricing plans are actually different than the other tools. You have to pay based on the numbers of keywords you want to track. It starts with 1000 Keywords for $109 /monthly and you can save 10% if you choose to pay annually. You can check the further plans here.

It also gives 14 Days FREE trial so you can see if it will work for you or not.

3) SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher clearly says that it not all about just tracking your website ranking day by day but it also tracks the overall performance of your site. You can also track your ranking by location it supports 53k locations. (countries, cities, districts) It bost for it’s UI also. Actually, it’s UI is cool.



  • Basic ($49 / month)
  • Premium ($69 / month)
  • Agency ($129 / month)

If you pay annually you can save up to 40%. It also gives 10 Days FREE trial so you can see if it will work for you or not.

4) Ahrefs

Most of SEOs using SEMrush says that if they have to replace it with any other tool then it will be Ahrefs. Ahrefs is pretty good as it’s main focus is about backlinks. You have to think about it though cause it’s not just keyword tracking tool. It has other things too.


And the best part which I like about it is…it can automatically find the keywords for which your website is already ranking. You can also track the ranking by location in this tool. It has lots of other features as well. You can do Keyword Research, Content Explorer, Site Audit and more. It is not as easy as other tools to use but it has very good customer support so you won’t find yourself lost in the tool.


  • Lite ($99/month) – Projects 5 | Keywords 500 | Updates every 7 days.
  • Standard ($179/month) – Projects 10 | Keywords 1500 | Updates every 5 days
  • Advanced ($399/month) – Projects 25 | Keywords 5000 | Updates every 3 days
  • Agency ($999/month) – Projects 100 | Keywords 10,000 | Updates every 3 days

If you pay annually you will get 2 months FREE. Unfortunately, there is no FREE trial available you can get 7 days trial by paying 7$.

5) Moz

Moz is not entirely keyword tracking tool just like Ahrefs. It has lots of features. You can say that it’s pretty good not the best compared to the other tools. Moz Pro does offer a powerful rank tracking tool though. It allows you to get reports on your site, page, and keywords’ search engine results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


You will also be able to see your ranking on Global, national and local scale. With this you can also compare your results with your competitors. You can also compare your mobile ranking vs desktop ranking.


Note: One campaign consists of one domain or URL + three competitor websites. 

  • Standard ($99/month) – 5 campaigns.
  • Medium ($179/month) – 10 campaigns.
  • Large ($249/month) – 25 campaigns.
  • Premium ($599/month) – 50 campaigns.

If you pay annually you will get a slight discount of 20%. It also gives 30 Days trial for FREE.

6) SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler is a tool with lots of features you will need as an SEO. It does more than just keyword tracking. It is very easy to use and you can also integrate it with Google analytics and comes with a few more features.


It will also keep an eye for your competitors and let you know which keywords they are using and ranking pretty high so you can use it for your posts or pages. It will also give you suggestions for keywords so that you can get the advantage of those keywords.


  • Standard ($69.95/month) – 500 keywords updates daily.
  • Smart ($99.95/month) – 1,000 keywords updates daily.
  • Professional ($249.95/month) – 2,500 keywords updates daily.
  • Enterprise ($999.95/month) – 10,000 keywords updates daily.

It also gives 30 Days money back without question asked. It also gives 7 Days trial for FREE on it’s smart pack.

7) Authority Labs

Authority Labs was built with the purpose to make it very user friendly and easy to use as a rank tracking application. The most important feature is its ability to track keywords on a daily basis for Google, Bing and Yahoo search page results.


You can also track your keyword ranking on a local basis, so specific that you can use pin codes too. It will also compare your results with the competitors’ results to give you a better picture.

If you want to send your results to your clients it also allows you to export a PDF or CSV of your results. You can compare your results with any previous date you want just the analytics. There are other features are also available other than keyword tracking.


  • Plus ($49/month) – 250 keywords 50 Domains.
  • Pro ($99/month) – 1000 keywords 100 Domains.
  • ProPlus ($250/month) – 2,500 keywords 300 Domains.
  • Enterprise ($450/month) – 5000+ keywords unlimited Domains.

It also gives 14 Days trial for FREE.

8) Ubersuggest

Well, some you might think that why Ubbersuggest. Lots of SEOs use it out there especially some bloggers and those who are learning SEO. Ubersuggest was a FREE tool and if you don’t know you can still create 1 project for FREE and track 25 keywords. So, it’s really best FREE keyword Ranking Tool for starters.

There are other things also you can use in the tool. But they are not as accurate as other tools. But, if you are just starting then it ‘s a good choice to just see how keyword tracking works. If you are working in big projects then I don’t suggest using this cause there are other better tools out there.


Before it was totally free but now it’s not.


  • Individual ($12/month) – 500 keywords 5 projects.
  • Business ($20/month) – 1000 keywords 7 projects.
  • Enterprise ($40/month) – 3000 keywords 15 projects.

As I mention earlier that you can create one project for FREE and track 25 keywords. You have to just login with your Google account for that nothing else.

Note: The above tools are those which helps you in tracking keywords rankings and the last two tools are FREE Google Keyword Ranking Checker.

9) Small SEO Tools

SmallSEoTools is top FREE google keyword rank checker tool. You just have to add your URL and then 10 Keywords for which you want to check the ranking. You can then check the Keyword position.


It is that easy and FREE as well.

10) Google SERP Checker

This is another Free tool from AccuRanker. You can add your keyword and domain name then choose location an find out your keyword position or website ranking. You can choose Mobile Ranking or Desktop too. The only drawback is you have to do it one keyword per one try.

Google SERP Checker by AccuRanker

It is also FREE you can try out now.


So, these were the best keyword rank tracking tools available. Some of them are very costly and some of them are all in one type of tool you can choose whatever you want. This is not paid post or anything. You have to decide first what features are very useful for you before buying any tools. Almost all tools nowadays come with lots of features. If you ask me for a keyword tracking SEMrush is very popular. You can try it out in free trial to check if it works for you or not. If you don’t have much money and just starting out in SEO or have a personal blog then you can use Ubbersuggest.

If you use other keyword position check then let us know your experience in the comments.

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